The Quick and Dirty Pitch, Gritway

The Quick and Dirty Pitch, Gritway

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Sudz Club by Bare Necessities is catching attention with their subscription-based hygiene delivery service, making it easier for college students to stay clean. Louie, Reza, Phil and Juliet saw a problem (poor hygiene within a specific demographic) and are setting out to fix it. Hear their grit-filled story firsthand with our 9-question interview. 

Tell us the quick-n-dirty pitch of what you do:

You know that sinking feeling you get when you’re heading out to work, class, or a hot date and you realize you’re out of deodorant- we’re here to make sure that never happens again. We’re the new age milk man, bringing you all your bathroom necessities every month, so you never have to worry about them running out. With a few clicks, and almost as few dollars, you have everything you need to put yourself together in the morning delivered to your door.
Additionally, we throw in surprise gifts from our sponsors each month, at no extra cost to you. We’re here to take away some of those pesky responsibilities that come with adulthood, so you can focus on what’s important in life; like calling your mother, you really should talk to her more often. OR like filling out that job application OR like writing that screenplay you’ve been putting off since 5th grade.

What’s unique about your company and why do you have a place in the market?

Plainly, there is no one out there doing what we’re doing for our market. We differ from the traditional subscription box model in that, well, we’re a subscription BAG model, and as opposed to random sample sized products that you may or may not like- we deliver you the things you NEED, your Bare Necessities.
Not to mention we throw in extra goodies from our sponsors to make every month feel a little bit like Christmas- we want our customers to be genuinely excited to get our bags. Another way we differ is that where other subscription box services are a sort of an indulgence, or a luxury you allow yourself- Bare Necessities is a service that provides just that- your necessities. We just happen to throw in some luxury items on top of your essentials, without adding to the price you pay. Bare Necessities is genuinely the most cost efficient way for customers to get their toiletries, you won’t find the products cheaper, and you definitely won’t find them in a deliverable service. Where other companies ask $30-60 for sample sized products, we only want $20-30 a month to bring you full sized goods that will last you until the next delivery.  Our focus is creating a custom tailored customer experience for each and every one of our users. We go out of our way to make sure each customer feels like they are a part of the Bare Necessities family, or what we like to call The Sudz Club. I like to think that Bare Necessities is the, “cool older brother” of the business world, where as your large consumer goods (ahem Walmart) companies are the weird uncle you avoid at family get-togethers. He’s always so nosey.

Tell us about your team – who are the players in your organization that are making things happen?

Our team is made up of Jacks (and one Jill) of all trades. We don’t have traditional job titles, as implied in the essence of a startup, team members wear many hats. We all have specific focus areas of the operation, but the collaboration is what makes progression possible. We are a four person team that operates as if we are a multi-national corporation.
There is no task or responsibility that is below or above any of us, which is what makes us such a functional team- our willingness to do whatever it takes to make our vision a reality.

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Posted on July 21, 2014 in Press

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