Entrepreneur: “Why School is a Great Place to Start a Business”

Entrepreneur: “Why School is a Great Place to Start a Business”

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Go to school, get a degree, start working in your chosen field. This is the normal life cycle for most students. But while some students choose to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours once they have their degree in hand, others encounter business opportunities while in school and choose to do both – manage a business and their studies simultaneously. Balancing school with books can seem a juggling act worthy of a spot in the circus, but some college entrepreneurs say starting a business while in school actually helped their start-ups to prosper.

While attending business school at Columbia University, Matthew Bachman and Ben Gordon stumbled upon a mutual love of iced coffee. What started out as a passion turned into a business and Wandering Bear Coffee was brewed.

Across the country, Louie Cesario was a senior in the Technological Entrepreneurship Program at Arizona State University when a friend came home from a rare grocery store run only to realize he had forgotten to purchase shampoo. Cesario was hit with an idea – what if there was a subscription service that delivered a month’s supply of hygienic products to an individual’s dorm or student residence? This would not be a convenient way for students to get their necessities but a fun way for loved ones to care for students from afar. Sudz Club officially launched this past April.

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Posted on October 22, 2014 in Entrepreneurship, Press

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