Fitness and Hygiene

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Fitness and hygiene go hand and hand. Without both, it’s kind of like a skunk modeling for Versace. Sure it may look nice from a far, but when you get in closer you realize it smells like crap. Your personal image is way more than just looks. Remember, sight is only one of our five senses as humans. 

Now, I am willing to give all a pass when it comes to ‘just leaving the gym.’ I understand you put your work in and gosh darn it, if you don’t deserve to bask in the stench of accomplishment. But! That is the only pass I am willing to give gym rats.

When you’re out on the town strutting, head nodding at other yoked individuals. (Wait I have to stop and say something. How is it that all jacked people know each other? Seriously, I’ll be with my buddy Dave, swoll dude, and we’ll be walking in Target and every person, who noticeably worked out, would come say ‘Sup’ to him. Never a ‘Hello’ always a ‘Sup’. Is that a fitness trick? Should I incorporate more ‘Sups’ in my lexicon?)

Anyway, I was saying. While you are out walking around like Dave, you are being noticed. As you should be, it is no strange fact that it takes hard work and self-control to achieve a body like that. That is only half the battle though.

Scent/Smell is the closest sense to memory. You may be thinking you caught the eye of a stranger because of your precious physique, but they may not be remembering for the same reason. You have to have the same discipline for your personal hygiene as you do for you your physical body.

Working out at the gym proves to the world that you care about yourself; that you are willing to put in the effort to better yourself when you didn’t have to. The same is said for personal hygiene. You’ll be the first to notice if you take a day off, but once you take multiple days off…every one will start to notice.

It is all about routine and finding one that works for you. Personal hygiene and fitness are both essential aspects to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are also both essential aspects in maintaining a healthy social lifestyle. When you feel good, look good, and smell good, you have hit the trifecta of excellence.

Posted on November 20, 2014 in Just For Fun

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