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Sudz Club is only $30 a month and includes all the essentials that you would need in that time and much longer honestly! Do you know a college student? This would be an amazing present to send to show you care and keep them from having to purchase the expensive necessities and concentrate on school.

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Biz Stories Shared Podcast

Special Thanks to Charlotte Plott of Biz Stories Shared Listen to more of her Entrepreneurial Podcasts via her Sound Cloud

The Coffee Routine

Let’s talk routine: Coffee Routine is fascinating. I really do believe so. It displays the personal way somebody conquers an action. One that everyone can relate to… Waking up. We all have a ‘morning routine’ per say. For some, that morning routine that is compiled of many morning routines. Sleeping…zzZZZzzzZZZzzz.. REEENKK REEENK BOOOP BEEEP. (I…

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Basically, you pick a subscription, for as low as $20.99 a month for a male or female and you receive a Bare Necessities bag filled with everything you need at the beginning of every month. The great thing about these bags is that you get about $50 worth the product and you don’t find yourself running out of the stuff you use every day

- http://themegalomaniacmommy.com/sudzclub-bag/

Walt Disney, The Most Popular Drawer of Circles

Happy Happy Birthday mister Walter Disney. Yes! Thank the masses for this man. Truly a historical figure.  On December 5, 1901 Walter Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois.  When Walt was a youngin’ he loved to draw and to no surprise his favorite depictions would be of animals. Farm animals early on. From Illinois, he…

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Mom: The Reason We Don’t Smell

Mom: The reason we don’t smell I want to credit one Mom for the birth of personal hygiene. Who that mom is? I do not know. I am sure, however, that it indeed was a mom. It had to be! Personal hygiene has been instilled in our heads since our birth. It is a priority…

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Fitness and Hygiene

Fitness and hygiene go hand and hand. Without both, it’s kind of like a skunk modeling for Versace. Sure it may look nice from a far, but when you get in closer you realize it smells like crap. Your personal image is way more than just looks. Remember, sight is only one of our five…

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Entrepreneur: “Why School is a Great Place to Start a Business”

Go to school, get a degree, start working in your chosen field. This is the normal life cycle for most students. But while some students choose to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours once they have their degree in hand, others encounter business opportunities while in school and choose to do both – manage a business and their studies…

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IN Business Magazine: Bare Necessities to Launch at ASU

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