Parallax Testimonials

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What People Are Saying

  • This is hands-down one of the absolute funnest subscription boxes that we have ever received. Why? It all comes in a sturdy and fun nylon bag, it offers a lot of gear for the buck and the employees are fun too!

    — Examiner —
  • When I was at a home, you know how I got toiletries? Ma! I need deodorant! Ma! I need shampoo!

    — Timothy Simmons: Sophomore at Arizona State University —
  • I would love this if I was a college student, because let’s be honest, college students have much better things to spend their limited incomes on. I like that this subscription provides the necessities in a cute drawstring bag. It looks like there may be different styles of the bags too, as there were two shown on the website.

    — Can't Stop Subscribing —
  • Please please sign my roomate up, he’s been buying bars of soap off of me for $3 bucks a pop.

    — Jess Magee: Senior at Arizona State University —
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  • “This is a great subscription for those who are busy to shop, for college kids, for those who love to try different brands and for those who are looking to save money on hygiene supplies.”

    — Maria: Mommy's Little Corner —
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