The Coffee Routine

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Let’s talk routine: Coffee

Routine is fascinating. I really do believe so. It displays the personal way somebody conquers an action.

One that everyone can relate to… Waking up.

We all have a ‘morning routine’ per say. For some, that morning routine that is compiled of many morning routines.

Sleeping…zzZZZzzzZZZzzz.. REEENKK REEENK BOOOP BEEEP. (I don’t know how to spell the alarm noise, so ignore that)

Time to wake the BEEEEEP up.

Well, we need coffee for sure. Thousand percent need coffee. So we commence with the Coffee Routine!

Oh the beauty of routin shines in the morning. We all wake up feeling as if boulders are weighing down our eyelids, but we somehow manage to function. The Coffee Routine is beautiful. EYES CLOSED we can nail the coffee routine.

Cup. Pot of coffee. Pour. Cream. Sugar. Stir. Sip. Burn tongue. Cry. Sip. Dread the day.

Since this routine can be the beginning of our overall Morning Routine, I claim it to be one the more important routines.  Think about it, if you stick this routine perfect you know that you’ve got a chance to be joyful during the day. On the contrary, if you mess this one up…it’s going to a loooong morning.

Let me break down my personal Coffee Routine and please feel free to leave your own routine in the comments. I would love to know how you animals get your fix in the morning.

  1. Dump yesterday’s roast
  2. Refill with fresh grounds
  3. Fill up appropriate amount of water
  4. Got to ask the roomies if they need a cup (which they always do)
  5. Sleep standing up while roast is being brewed
  6. Coffee Pot alarm goes off- Startles the crap of me
  7. Grab my roommates Superhero mug (I have claimed the cup in as my own)
  8. Sugar and creamer FIRST!
  9. I like to do this because I feel as if I get a better mix up of the two while the coffee is being poured into this cup.
  10. Pour my coffee
  11. Stir with a spoon- I’m not sure why the world’s tiniest straws are used for stirring, I find them offensive.
  12. Take a sip… PURE BLISS
  13. Let out a mild groan that says, “You know you don’t wanna move, but ya gotta.”


My coffee routine is huge to get my morning going. If I don’t have it right away, my whole day is off. When there is no more coffee in my home, right away, I know that I’m behind.

I’ll have to stop and get a coffee from a barista, which cost a hundred dollars. I’ll have to speak with them, and talking to a human is the last thing I want to do before my cup of coffee.

Now there are those of us who don’t drive coffee and can be just fine in the morning. To you I say, “How?”

And then there are those of us you need it. NEED IT. NEEEEEED IT.

Our Coffee Routine is what leads us to our Shower Routine.

Posted on December 11, 2014 in Just For Fun

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