Walt Disney, The Most Popular Drawer of Circles

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Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, Happy Birthday Walt Disney, December 5th, 12/5

Happy Happy Birthday mister Walter Disney.

Yes! Thank the masses for this man. Truly a historical figure.  On December 5, 1901 Walter Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois.  When Walt was a youngin’ he loved to draw and to no surprise his favorite depictions would be of animals. Farm animals early on. From Illinois, he decided to make way for himself in California and take his drawings to the next level. Walt was an innovator and a dreamer. He is the top influence of today’s animation and his works, better yet masterpieces, are still respected and cherished by children and adults of all ages.

So here is to you Walt!


Walt Disney, Birthday, December 5th, Mickey Mouse


Thank you. You have overcome a feat that is sought after by many in the entertainment sector still today… staying relevant. Plenty of artist have come in and shocked the world with their modern and new-age tactics, but few have been able to stand the test of time. 

Enjoy your birthday Walter Disney! You have touched the lives of millions. Your legacy and works continue to live on through your amusement parks and through our televisions. You have provided a product that brings families of all ages together in celebration and laughter.

All of us that have seen a Disney movie, (so everyone) thank you for your dedication and expertise.

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